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The Premier Difference

At Premier Parking Systems our Customer service is our greatest asset and the most powerful tool we have to complement your business. What truly sets us apart is the extreme effort we take to begin your patron's experience on a positive note and end it with a satisfying memory of your business or event. Our goal is to continually exceed the expectations of all our valued guests. We also realize it is one thing to have goals, but in order to accomplish those goals there must be a plan. With that in mind we would like to share with you the services we provide and procedures under which we operate

Management Accessibility

We believe that good communication is an integral key to success. Feedback from our clients helps us provide better service and only serves to strengthen the business relationship. At Premier Parking Systems we gladly accept the responsibility that goes along with our client's faith in us to provide unbeatable service. Because of that our management team is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week should any issue arise that requires immediate attention.

Staff Training

Premier Parking Systems understands that our staff is not only a reflection of our company, but yours as well. With this in mind, each member of our staff must complete our training program before they represent our company. Training begins in the classroom where we cover the fundamentals of being a valet and the responsibilities that go along with it. The curriculum covers everything from vehicular safety to business ethics to guest courtesy. Each staff member then goes through a period of on location training followed by a trip back to the classroom to work on any weaknesses and assess their overall readiness for duty.

Appearance and Professionalism

We realize the extreme importance of a clean and streamlined image. For this reason, staff members will maintain the neat and professional appearance of their Premier Parking Systems uniform at all times. The valet stand is positioned in a safe, convenient location, and always presents a professional appearance. Loading and unloading zones are clearly marked with appropriate signage and a particular focus is paid to safety in these areas. Each patron will be greeted in a friendly manner and offered any assistance they may need in gathering their personal belongings before leaving their vehicle. Each departing guest will be attended to in the same professional manner while offering a pleasant farewell.

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